REAMEDI Classroom

"REAMEDI Classroom it’s not merely a tablet based education! It’s more than that! It can do wonders!"

REAMEDI CLASSROOM is completely different from smart classrooms or Virtual Classrooms. REAMEDI CLASSROOM can be integrated into the day to day teaching. REAMEDI CLASSROOM is unique tablet based cutting edge technology which is going to transform learning and teaching to a next level. REAMEDI stand for Reach me Direct 1 teacher: 1 Student (1:1) ratio. Time for us to see beyond our conventional method of teaching with white/Black board, text books, notebooks and where no personal attention towards students. This “REAMEDI CLASSROOM” will bring new life to the entire Education system by connecting Parents, Teacher ,Student & Management with effective TABLET based ICT digital interactive technological tool that makes day today classroom more vibrate , live and interactive. Ultimately it enhances, Increases learning and listening potential of students by incorporating the functions and features of regular classroom activity.

reamedi classroom by igrandee
Benefits for Students
Benefits for Teachers
Benefits for Management
Benefits for Parents