Tele Education - Virtual Tele-ED Live

Virtual Tele-ED LIVE addresses the demanding requirements in the integrated e-learning & Tele-education scenario with Synchronous and Asynchronous learning components. It provides a single-window learning portal, which acts as an interface among the learners, faculties and system administrators. Virtual Tele-ED system provides a synchronized multimedia delivery and provides a collaborative environment for sharing the knowledge. It brings virtual classrooms in a multi-class environment with seamless two-way interaction among teachers and students in a collaborative environment.

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The synchronous delivery framework can work with "Thick Client" Remote Client through VSAT / Leased Line / Broadband fiber and Wi-MAX connectivity and "Thin Client" Web client with same GUI through Internet with security mechanism built-in. However, the reception of video quality will be based on the available Internet bandwidth. The system architecture of Virtual Tele-ED solution is depicted as below.

In this platform, the live virtual studio environment is created and it will connect a number of remote locations and provide seamless, one-to-many connectivity, through multicast mode in a collaborative environment. It provides the integrated chat service, message services, question and answer services, Desktop sharing service, white-board services, internet services and digital library services.

This system provides full duplex and half-duplex audio/video services based on the access control and permissions granted by the teacher. In this platform, teacher can give a presentation using PowerPoint slides with animation, flash animation, HTML etc., and address the remote locations, where the multimedia delivery is possible and also can interact through various collaborative tools. Instructor can refer to any website pages from Internet to all the remote locations and can also delegate the remote expert to give a lecture to all those who are connected. It has an interface with the digital library, and can search for a particular page and push the page to all the participants through this tele-education delivery system. It is an integrated solution, which makes an instructor to feel that he is in a real classroom with all participants.

This system not only enables the lecture delivered from the Studio to reach any remote corner but also enables a good instructor or student in any remote area to become a teacher to all the participants in the session through video, audio and data in a synchronous mode in a multicast environment to other participants of the session.

Virtual Tele-ED solution will enhance interaction among all participants as follows: Student-Student Student-teacher, Student-Content Teacher-Teacher Teacher-Content Content-Content interaction.

This leads to the creation and capture of tacit knowledge, centered with educational experiences that result in high levels of learning by all participants with affordable, cost effective and quality higher education at all levels.

The Virtual Tele-ED system has an integrated studio management system, campus management system, content management system, e-learning system, examination system, digital library & journals and knowledge management system. It accepts any "Shareable Content Object Reference Model" (SCORM) compliant courses to be deployed into the Content Management System. i-Grandee's Virtual Tele-ED encapsulates all these components into an integrated Learning Management System portal, which acts as a single window interface for the students, instructor / teacher and System administrator.

This will bring virtual classrooms in a multi-classroom environment with seamless two-way interaction among the teachers and students with the efficient collaborative tools.

Salient Features