Learning Management System
Virtual Tele-ED LMS

Virtual Tele-ED LMS is a application or Web-based technology used to plan, implement, and assess a specific learning process. It provides an instructor with a way to create and deliver content, monitor student participation, and assess student performance.

learning management system or software in India


Distance education portal provides integrated access to all services and Tele-education solutions by personalized login. This enables the students to access University information, affiliated study centers, courses,Exam schedule, Result announcement, News & Events, Photo gallery, Announcements, Flash news, Instant poll, Feedback and University directory. It also provides the facility to change the portal information dynamically.

Salient Features
  • The portal will act as a gateway interface and provide integrated access to all the interactive teaching and learning components of the LMS Knowledge Portal system.
  • Provides dynamic administrator section to create, update and manage the LMS Knowledge portal home page.
  • Provides general information to the public and students about the institution, departments, courses offered, exam announcements and results.
  • Provides University / College / School details, news and events for the LMS Knowledge Portal and any distance education programs.
  • Provides dynamic menu links to display the Portal information.
  • Photo gallery for display of photo images with slide show.
  • Feedback and Contact us links.
  • Frequently asked questions relevant to the Knowledge Portal and distance education programs.
  • Announcement, flash news to reach the students and public.
  • Provides facility for instant poll to invite the students to share their viewpoints on educational current trends.
  • Facilitates the students to identify the courses and learning centers of their choice.
  • Facilitate the students to register online for the interested course of their choice as per the learning center selection.
  • Facilitate the students for sign up for the LMS Knowledge Portal after provisional admission.
  • Provides the message desk to display the messages from the University / College / School management to the students.

It is an on-line learning solution and helps to automate the administration of training and learning events among University, distance education study centers and students. This application registers, monitors and captures data from Study centers, and provides consolidated reports to the University. This user-friendly e-Learning solution provides online learning experiences that allow students, faculties and administrators to achieve their educational goals.

Salient Features
  • The system enables the administrator to manage the educational activities through LMS Knowledge Portal and provides appropriate features, functions and access privileges appropriate to the registered users.
  • Provides separate administrator section for University / College / School, Studio, and learning centers.
  • Enables administrator to approve the affiliated regional / learning centers and also have the facility to create and update the learning center information.
  • Enables administrator to create and update the departments, roles and manage the user allocation.
  • Provides the facility of staff enrollment, Student enrollment based on the forwarded application forms from the learning centers.
  • Provides the facility to announce the exam schedules and also support the cancellation or postponement of the announced exams.
  • Facility for the students to apply for exams through on-line forms and verification of the same.
  • Facility to generate exam hall ticket for the students
  • Facility for entry of student marks and to set the pass mark level for the courses.
  • Facility of result announcement and issue of provisional mark sheets and certificates.
  • Facility for tracking and report generation on students, Faculty, and learning centers.
  • System can able to keep track of the activities done by each user based on the modules they have accessed, total time spent on each module, login and logout time etc., and generation of report.
  • Provides faculty login facility for personal schedules, course contents, student assignments, projects, feedback, student diary, entry of student attendance & marks.
  • Learning center administrator login to manage the learning center students, verify and forward the online student registration application.
  • Facility of student allocation, student promotion, and exam application verification.
  • Student login with personalized home page with Circulars, educational events, My accounts and discussion forum.
  • Facility to view the details of studio schedule, and the exam schedule announced.
  • Provides the interface for the students with My diary, Projects, Assignments, Feedback and Learning.
  • Facility to design Student learning plan.
  • The Learning interface supports dynamic content with full spectrum of content types - text, images, flash movies etc. as per the courses and subjects.
  • Provides e-notebook interface to enable the students to take subject notes and store the written notes in their own home space for future reference and learning through the e-learning system using Tablet PC environment.
  • The student-learning interface provides a speech-enabled interface in English for the text and html files to make it user friendly for the visually challenged people.
  • Extensive student discussion forum to collaborate with each other.

The versatile Content management solution, which facilitates the deployment of syllabus and the online course content over the web through dynamic workflow for verification, validation and approval for final deployment of the course content

Salient Features
  • The solution facilitates the creation of University / College / School courses, subjects and syllabus.
  • Provides login to the content creators and facility to upload and submit the contents for approval.
  • Supports both types of contents such as Live lecture presentation content and navigational course contents for the courses and subjects
  • Having facility for easy categorization and maintaining course contents in respective user content space and enable easy retrieval and reuse of the documents.
  • Having facility for the flexible creation of dynamic content approval routes at all levels
  • Having dynamic workflow for verification and approval of the course contents by various faculties
  • Versions of the content documents will be maintained in the version control library for storing and retrieval of the latest version
  • Having facility for deployment of the contents after approval and to feed dynamic content directly into the student learning interface of e-learning system
  • The system provides extensive search functionality that helps content authors to find content quickly with key word and context sensitive search
  • System provides RSA 1024 bit algorithm for the dynamic content workflow
  • Able to track files with status and access history to find out the content changes done with time.
  • Facility of content archival as storage repository.
  • Time limit extension request and sanction in the middle of content approval process

Digital library solution which provides the repository to upload, store, view and preserve the books, journals, manuscripts in electronic format which are of historic importance and age old monuments

Salient Features
  • Solution provides the facility to store, organize, categorize and display the resource collections, books, manuals, and journals
  • Having universal Dublin-core Meta data information for digital collections with various formats such as PTIFF, RTF, Text and html
  • Provides easy categorization of the books in proper folder structure
  • Supports classification of books as classified and Non-classified category
  • The Classified books are restricted to the common users and it will be enabled to the users by the Administrator on demand request & queue basis. It's a Time bounded access, the retention period for each books can be set by the Administrator
  • The Non - Classified books are open to all the registered users, they can access the desired Non-Classified books at any time from their Content Space without making request
  • Have Boolean search and bibliographic access of the books
  • Provides full text search for html and txt files
  • Provides separate upload agent for seamless uploading of scanned library books and journals into the library content interface
  • Facility to select a particular page from the Digital Library and refer the same to the virtual classrooms during the live session

Providing the facility of question paper generation, on-line and off-line exam for students in a secured delivery of question papers with digital signatures and encryption by RSA 1024 bit algorithm through the available network to the Study Centers.

Salient Features
  • Provides the facility of creating the question bank for the selected courses / subjects with various question types like Multiple Choice Questions, true/false, fill in the blanks and descriptive along with the illustrations & diagrams.
  • Each question in the question bank shall have difficulty level, lifetime and no. of occurrence parameters.
  • Facility to view and update question bank through authorized access.
  • Facility to move a selected question from one unit / subject to other.
  • Facility for the creation of question paper templates with type, number of questions, marks and difficulty level.
  • Enables the administrator for automatic generation of question paper through randomization technique with or without the repetition from the question bank.
  • Facility for the creation of master answer sheet for the generated question paper by selecting the required course and question template.
  • Facilitate the generation of question paper for online exam with selected subject and template by enabling the display order of questions to the students.
  • Online examination through the personalized student login and on the spot result with graphical illustration to the students.
  • Unique secured question delivery mechanism to the University learning centers with cryptographic techniques.

Knowledge management solution to capture the live lecture events and student - teacher interaction for review learning purpose at Student's own convenience & pace. This will provide the recorded lecture events through web and simulates the live virtual classroom.

Salient Features
  • The system will capture the studio live lecture events into a knowledge repository to provide single interface for Student review learning system.
  • Enables the registered students to access the recorded class events through web at user's convenient time and pace.
  • Administrator is having the facility to view the Student login history and real-time student login.
  • Enables administrator to activate / deactivate the captured lecture events, if required.
  • Flexible search and selection of recorded back date lecture events through lecture name, topic name and date.
  • Delivery of audio, video, and content from the knowledge repository.
  • Enables the students to select each collaboration tool through various view options for each session.
  • Timing of the content delivery, audio, video and data shall be captured into the knowledge repository for the review learning just as it is delivered on line.

The web application system specifically designed to administer the studio operations, with timetable,the scheduling of each course, lecture topic, time slot given to the respective subject expert. It will be scalable to manage multiple studios in different location seamlessly in a virtually connected and network environment with different communication modes.

Salient Features
  • Facility for studio registration, approval, activation & deactivation.
  • Facility for faculty registration, approval, activation & deactivation.
  • Creation of Studio master timetable with course, subject, studio session and time slot based on the number of working days.
  • Allotment of experts and topic with the respective time slot in the master timetable.
  • Enables the administrator to publish the final studio timetable.
  • Enables the Faculty to check the live presentation content during the scheduled time.
  • Scalable to multi-studio environment to schedule, organize, and manage the geographically dispersed educational studios.