i-Grandee Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Associated with Enriched Cloud Computing, LLC.,

Enriched Cloud Computing, LLC of Lexington, KY, USA [aka: ECC] is a US based IT firm, serious about promoting global progress by taking technology to the common man, to empower the people and evolve happy, prosperous and peaceful societies. With that vision, ECC has lined up like minded strategic business partners to achieve that lofty goal.

ECC is proud to bring these exclusively licensed IT products from 'i-Grandee Software Technologies Private Limited' [aka: IGST]of Madurai, India. ECC has retained the marketing and management services of 'Resources International, Inc.' a Kentucky company to promote these in a number of countries in the western hemisphere.

i-Grandee Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Associators

   1. Enriched Cloud Computing LLC of Kentucky, USA

   2. Resources International, Inc., of Kentucky, USA